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Enterprise Service Overview

Designed for businesses and organizations that require large amounts of storage, many user licenses or custom branding. Our enterprise plans include:

  • All DriveHQ cloud storage & IT features
  • 100 GB to 1000 TB of storage space, 20 to 20,000 sub-user licenses
  • Custom Logo and Logon Page service (Private Label Service is possible)
  • Priority phone, email and remote desktop support
  • Send-a-disk support: Ship an external disk to us, and we can upload/download data for you from our datacenter. It is many times faster than you do it yourself.

Enterprise customers get not only high-end online storage, but also a complete cloud IT solution that includes remote file server, online backup, file sharing, folder synchronization, drop box, FTP, drive mapping, email & web server hosting services. The benefits are clear: they can save thousands of dollars each year on server hardware, support and maintenance, while at the same time be able to access their data from anywhere and share files with external clients securely. Moreover, our offsite system is more secure and reliable. Your data will be safe even if a major disaster happens to your office (e.g. fire, tornado, etc.)

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  • DriveHQ Enterprise Service has the lowest total cost
  • Enterprises need more than just cloud storage
  • DriveHQ enterprise service offers better security and reliability
  • Long-term business viability & customer testimonials.
  • Switching to DriveHQ cloud IT service is a lot easier than you thought
  • Finally, uploading terabytes of data is possible now!