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Drive Headquarters Releases DriveHQ FileManager 4.0 for Businesses and Consumers

San Jose, California (Nov. 21, 2007) Drive Headquarters announced today that it has released DriveHQ FileManager 4.0.268, a revolutionary 4th-generation online storage, sharing, publishing and folder synchronization application. The new version is designed to work on Microsoft Windows Operating systems, including Windows Vista.

FileManager 4.0 has further improved the performance and reliability. In most cases, users will find that remote storage is just as easy and fast to access as their local storage. With the new much improved group & sub-group based file sharing, business users can easily exchange files among colleagues or with external customers. They can share different folders to different users and set different level access rights for different users or groups. The online folder synchronization feature has also been dramatically improved. It now supports scheduled synchronization and real-time synchronization. You can keep your files synchronized among multiple PCs and multiple users (using group shared folders with read-write access).

With intuitive interface and seamless integration of your local and online storage, FileManager lets you transfer, access, share, publish and synchronize files online with unprecedented easiness and reliability. It is essentially a more powerful file server that not only works inside of your organization, but also works on the Internet without using VPN. It is an ideal solution for businesses with multiple locations or companies that need to share files with external customers.

What's New:
  • Version 4.0 added support for group and sub-group based file/folder sharing. This new version can now easily support companies with over 10,000 employees. Folders can be shared to different users and different groups / sub-groups with different levels of access rights.
  • Dramatically improved the folder synchronization features. Now it supports real-time and scheduled folder synchronization. Folders can also be synchronized among multiple PCs and a group of users.

The application includes the following features:
  • All the essential functions: create, delete, rename, copy, cut, paste etc;
  • Share and publish folders with different level permissions;
  • Drag and Drop to download and upload in batch;
  • Can automatically resume broken downloads/uploads from the point of interruption;
  • Up to 3 times faster than regular FTP or HTTP. When MagicUpload(TM) is used, upload speed can be inifinitely faster! The reliability has also reached a new level. It can upload files as big as 100GB and as many as millions of files.
  • Advanced caching that brings performance on par with local storage;
  • Offline access. Access your online files even if you are not online;
  • Group sharing and collaboration;
  • International language support with Unicode.

About Drive Headquarters, Inc.

Drive Headquarters is the world’s first cloud IT solution provider. Their focus is to help SMBs by providing a better and more cost effective alternative to traditional IT systems. Founded in 2003, DriveHQ has become a leading provider of Cloud IT service with over 2 million customers. What differentiates DriveHQ from other companies is that it is a one-stop shop for all core IT services, including cloud based file, FTP and email servers, as well as automatic online backup, remote sharing and collaboration services. DriveHQ’s services not only lower IT costs, but also are more flexible and reliable than your in-house IT system. Complementing its advanced and easy to use products with its personable and highly skilled support staff, DriveHQ is the right choice for meeting the IT needs of growing businesses

Drive Headquarters is based in San Ramon, California. More information about Drive Headquarters can be found at https://www.drivehq.com/.