Enterprise WebDAV Solution Manual

There is NO DOUBT that the most straight-forward way of accessing Cloud Storage is Drive Mapping. The idea is so simple, but few companies can offer an efficient and reliable WebDAV solution. DriveHQ's Enterprise WebDAV Solution changed that; combined with our FileManager software, we can meet the requirements of the most demanding enterprises. Please download the Drive Mapping tool below:

Download Enterprise
WebDAV Drive Mapping Tool

Businesses can replace their file servers / share point servers, consumers can replace their external drives with DriveHQ's service

The biggest advantage is they only need to make little change to their business process. For best usability, efficiency, reliability and offline access, they can use WebDAV, FileManager and FTP services together for no extra charge. In addition, DriveHQ has tools to to manage users and subgroups. Users can map any cloud folders as a network drive, or the system admin can preconfigure the list of folders to map for an account or all accounts. We even support Active Directory Integration and Single Sign On, so user accounts can be batch imported into the DriveHQ system, your users can logon with the same Active Directory username and password.

Map DriveHQ WebDAV drive on Windows

Using WebDAV Drive Mapping Tool is the easiest way to map a DriveHQ cloud drive. Moreover, the tool can optimize the performance of the mapped drive. In the rare cases that you cannot install the tool, e.g., your company policy does not allow you to install our software, or if you use Windows RT, which does not support regular Windows apps, you can still use our WebDAV Drive Mapping service by directly map a drive using the WebDAV URL. For more detailed information, please read Enterprise WebDAV Drive Mapping Manual.

Map DriveHQ WebDAV Drive on Mac

To map a cloud drive on Mac is very similar to any other platforms. The first step is to create a Secure WebDAV URL to be used for mapping the drive. Please click here to create Secure WebDAV URL. Logon and follow the instruction to create it. The Secure WebDAV URL should be like:

The above WebDAV URL maps to the root folder of the account. To map to a subfolder in your account, you just need to append the folder path to the end of the WebDAV URL, e.g.: if you have a cloud folder named /Documents/ITStuff, to map directly to this folder, you need to use the following WebDAV URL:

If a user with username "ABC_User" shared a folder to you with the share name "ABC_Share1", then you can directly map to this folder using the following WebDAV URL:

To map a WebDAV drive on Mac OS X, open Finder first, then click on Go ⇒ Connect to Server command as shown below. In the popup dialog, enter the Secure WebDAV URL in the Server Address field. The address should be as shown above.

Then click on Connect to finish mapping the WebDAV drive.

Disconnect Mac webdav drive

The WebDAV client software on Mac tends to be not as efficient as FileManager or FTP. If you experience slow performance, then you can consider using DriveHQ FileManager or other FTP client software.

Map DriveHQ WebDAV drive on Linux / Unix

DriveHQ's Enterprise WebDAV Drive Mapping Solution works on Linux. Please note DriveHQ uses a fine-granular ACL-based access control system, which is not the same as Linux / Unix based file permission system. After you map a drive, you cannot use CHMOD to change file / folder permissions. As long as you map the drive and access it from the same user account, you should be able to access the mapped drive.

To map a drive on Linux / Unix, you need to have WebDAV Linux File System (davfs2) installed. then, the first step is to create a Secure WebDAV URL. Then from a terminal window, type in the following command:
       mount -t davfs https://dhqid*******************.webdav.drivehq.com/webdav/dhqid******************* /drivehq
Here the URL is your Secure WebDAV URL, and /drivehq is your mount point.

The WebDAV client software on Linux tends to be not as efficient as FTP. If you experience slow performance, then you can consider using FTP.

WebDAV Drive Mapping has a few known disadvantages; it is recommended using both WebDAV and DriveHQ FileManager

  • It is not as efficient and reliable as DriveHQ FileManager or FTP. If you need to upload / download large files or folders, it is recommended using DriveHQ FileManager or FTP.
  • WebDAV drive requires fast Internet connection. If you want to access your files when you are not connected to the Internet, it is recommended using DriveHQ FileManager. You can drag and drop files/folders, or setup automatic synchronization tasks to sync your files between a local folder and a cloud folder.
Download Enterprise
WebDAV Drive Mapping Tool