DriveHQ has over 3 million registered users

DriveHQ is a comprehensive cloud solution designed for businesses. Tens of thousands of businesses currently trust DriveHQ as their designated data management solution. Our un-matched set of features, high-quality software, and 24/7 support make DriveHQ your one-stop-shop for cloud techologies.
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Partners and customers of DriveHQ can be found in UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, Norway, Germany, France, China, India, Brazil, Taiwan, Singapore, UAE (Dubai), HongKong, Mexico, USA, and many other countries. Our business customers include almost all industries, e.g. CPA firms, law firms, consulting firms, IT firms, real estate brokers, appraisers, travel agents, insurance agents, hospitals, dentists, eBay stores, schools, NPOs, government offices, multi-national corporations, etc.

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"We don't lightly trust our backups to just any company - we did our research and compared features, prices and reviewed extensively before deciding on DriveHQ. When our old provider became so unreasonably expensive, we switched to DriveHQ at a monthly fee that was a fraction of the cost of our old service. We found the service with DriveHQ to be a better service with more storage and a far easier web interface than our old provider - again, at a greatly reduced monthly rate. I am extremely pleased with the service and haven't had any data loss. We have tested the service several times to be sure it is working as advertised and find that DriveHQ lives up to their advertising."

—Tim Clauson, IT, First Choice Health Insurance.

"Regardless of a company's size, remote backups provide guaranteed data security. When we (small company) tell our clients (large companies) we use DriveHQ, they are really impressed as it's a relatively new concept in Australia. DriveHQ have turned a fanatical pastime of mine into a near mindless exercise, leaving me to focus on bringing in business, rather than saving it!"

—Andy Bolle, Director, Flashfx Multimedia & Design.

We have about fifteen different locations and several administrative staff members who all require their own disk space, synchronization, backup, as well as need to collaborate amongst each other. DriveHQ provides a service with tremendous amounts of features at a great value, and offers exceptional support. Thank you DriveHQ.

—Vispi Jamooji, Director, Living Centre Clinic.

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