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I have a free account here at drivehq. I was wondering if I could use my account to host a minecraft server and how I would do that. For those who don't know, minecraft uses Java. Here is a link with more info on how the servers work:


Most people port forward if that helps you understand how it works. Basically, if you are port forwarding, you have to have the java file open at all times so the server would have to allow the java file to be running at all times. Also, your server needs an IP address.


Any Help would be appreciated.

7/18/2011 9:20:26 PM

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Subject: Re:Minecraft Server

It seems we cannot support it. DriveHQ cloud servers are different from other "virtual servers" or "dedicated servers".

With virtual server or dedicated server, you can install your own software, so it is very flexible. However, you must know IT very well as you need to install your software remotely, manage your own server / software, configure system security, backup server data or create a mirrored server, etc. When you add system backup / redundancy and system management, it is many times more expensive than DriveHQ Cloud servers.

DriveHQ cloud server is different. We support remote file server, FTP server, email server, web server, as well as automatic online backup, folder synchronization, drop box, WebDAV drive mapping, group account management, remote sharing and collaboration, etc. Users don't need to be familiar with IT. They don't need to install any software remotely, don't need to manage server remotely. DriveHQ already has multiple levels of redundancy, so users don't have to backup data or create mirrored servers.

In short, users cannot install Java software on DriveHQ cloud servers. They can host data files or even software files on DriveHQ; but they cannot run their software on DriveHQ server directly.



7/26/2011 12:09:00 AM

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