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I'm thinking on buy a drivehq personal license. The thing is that in this page is reported that it costs From $2/mo or 20/yr,

based on storage:

A detailed comparison of features and pricing models of DriveHQ Personal, Business and Enterprise Ultimate Plans

But when I try to check this plan it always states that costs 4$ per month. How can I get the price of $2 per month?

Thanks in advance

8/5/2022 1:35:39 AM

  • DriveHQ_Support
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Subject: Re:Is there really any plan for 2$month/20$ year?

We replied your email yesterday. If you have not received it, most likely it was filtered into the junk/bulk mail folder. Please check these mail folders. We offered a great option.  

The comparison page you referenced is outdated. The new comparison page is at:

You can also watch this YouTube video for more detailed information about DriveHQ's service pricing:

For business service plans, please also watch this video:


DriveHQ is mainly a business cloud service provider. For business service plans, our price is typically at least 40% lower than major competitors'.

For personal service users who need huge amount of storage space, our service price probably is not very competitive. If you don't need huge amount of storage space, then our price is quite low. Moreover, DriveHQ offers much better client software and features. Please visit our Personal Features page: 


8/5/2022 9:46:33 AM

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