Free, Personal and Enterprise Plans

DriveHQ has 4 types of service plans:

Free Service: Limited service for personal use or free business trial.
Personal & Family Plans: Large storage space at very low price; limited to personal use. Cannot be combined with enterprise plans.
Business Service Plans: Includes broad business features; pricing is based on user number and storage space.
Enterprise Service Plans: Includes enterprise features and large amount of storage; pricing is based on number of users.

A free service user can order any plan. A paid user can upgrade to another plan of the same level, or a higher plan level. To downgrade a service, a user can downgrade to the free service first, or contact DriveHQ support.

Cloud Service Features Free Service Personal Service Enterprise Service Enterprise Ultimate
Pricing and Limits
Price/month Free From $2/mo or 20/yr,
based on storage
From $14/mo or $140/yr,
based on storage & users
$8 - $4/user,
based on number of users
Storage Space 5 GB Up to 133 GB Based on plan. Based on plan
Number of sub-users 1 1 >4 >21
Max File Size 200 MB 2 GB No limit No limit
Cloud File Storage, Cloud Drive
Web Browser-based Cloud Storage
Office/PDF File Online Preview
File Manager Software
Users need to access and manage cloud files using a program similar to Windows Explorer. Why do they have to sync their cloud storage to all computers? It wastes a lot of disk space on each computer, and it also wastes time and bandwidth. What if you don't have enough free storage space on your computer?
WebDAV Drive Mapping
Accessing cloud storage just like a local drive, it is the most straight-forward way of accessing cloud files. It is easy for anybody in your organization. There is literally no change, it's even easier than Dropbox.
Folder Synchronization
Real-Time Folder Sync
Scheduled Sync
Real-time folder sync can be very inefficient if you keep changing a large file, and the file is sync-ed again and again. Many Internet connections (such as ADSL and Cable Modem) have a much slower upload bandwidth than download bandwidth. Sync-ing a large file will slow down your Internet connection significantly. That's why you need scheduled sync. Many users asked for this feature.
Multiple Sync Tasks with Different Schedules
Users may need to sync one folder in real-time, and another folder at night time. If files are being changed frequently, sync-ing in real-time can be very inefficient.
Advanced Folder Sync Features
Select any folder on a PC and synchronize it to a folder in the cloud; synchronize Open/locked files; Sync Network Drives / External Drives / Servers; exclude certain files/folders from being Sync-ed
Max Items That Can Be Sync-ed 3000 Up to 200,000 Up to 500,000 Up to 1 million
Client Software
Online Backup Software
Online Backup and Folder Sync are very different. Online Backup truly protects your data. A modern backup program should support real-time and scheduled backup. It can run as a service process backing up your computer even if nobody is logged on.

Due to Dropbox's popularity, many users have used folder sync for online backup. However, it is not as safe as online backup, and it lacks the advanced backup features. If you delete a file from a sync-ed folder, it will delete the file in all folders sync-ed to it.
Email Manager Software
DriveHQ has a backup program that is designed to backup Outlook emails. It can backup emails one by one without backing up the entire PST file. This way, it can incrementally backup your emails, and you can drag and drop restore your emails
Mobile App for iPhone and iPad (iOS)
Support 3rd party FTP and WebDAV software
Online Backup Files and Emails
Basic Online Backup Features
Multiple Backup Tasks with Different Schedules
Backup Open Files (such as Outlook PST
and Quickbooks files)
Backup Outlook Emails Instead of PST Files
Backup Network Drives and Servers
Group Backup with Central Monitoring
FTP, Email, Web and File Hosting
FTP Server Hosting Personal FTP only Personal FTP only
SFTP, FTP over SSL Personal FTP only
Email Server Hosting (Custom Domain)
Static Web Hosting (Custom Domain) Personal Website Only
File Download Hosting, CDN Replacement Personal use only
File Sharing
Share files to non-members
Share files to members
Granular Access Control
Share files to groups and sub-groups Max 1 sub-user Max 1 sub-user
Share files to contact groups
Publish Files and Folders
Publish Individual Files (Create Static Links) Personal use only
Publish Folders (incl. All Files in It) Personal use only
File Hosting for Large Files or Large Volumes
Most cloud storage services limit the maximum number of downloads for a published file, or it limits the maximum file size. Therefore, they cannot be used for hosting large files or large download volumes.
True Drop Box Folder
Like a real drop box in the post office, it allows anybody to upload files to you securely without the hassle of signup or logon. It is totally different from service. In fact, appears to be a misnomer - a more precise name would be "Syncbox".
True Drop Box Folder
Embed a Drop Box Folder in Your Own Web Page
Security and Privacy
Client-side Data Encryption
Encrypt data on your own computer using your own encryption key before transferring the data to the cloud. The cloud server and other users cannot decrypt your files without your encryption key. For ultimate security and privacy, this feature is a must. Server-side encryption is not secure because the cloud server has access to the unencrypted version of your files. It can also decrypt your files on demand.
File Versioning
Recycle Bin Folder
Two Factor Authentication
IP Address Restriction
Event Log
Business and Enterprise Management Features
Sub-users, sub-groups & user roles Max 1 sub-user Max 1 sub-user
Contact Groups / Mailing List
On, a contact group is a list of contacts (i.e. a "folder" in an address book). A contact group is used as a mailing list on DriveHQ email service. It is also used as a permission group in file sharing. If a folder is shared to a contact group, then all users in the contact group can access the shared folder.
Sub-user Storage and Download Bytes Quota
Batch Import / Export Users
Batch Provisioning Many Accounts
Batch allocate storage space / download bytes quota; batch set user options, etc.
Active Directory Integration and SSO
Full-Text Search Separate charge
Virus scanning Separate charge
Customization, Branding, Integration
Custom Logo and Landing Page Service
Full website customization and localization
(provide website template files for customization
and localization.)
Customer Support
Email Support and Support Forum
Phone Support
Service Demo, Walkthrough and Initial Training Dependent on plan level
Remote Desktop Support Dependent on plan level
Courier Data Upload Dependent on plan level
Emergency Data Download / Restore Separate fee
Service Level Agreement
A written service level agreement that guarantees service up-time with terms on penalties.
Dependent on plan level
HIPAA / Business Associate Agreement Separate fee

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