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  • StevenAvery
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I just uploaded using the file manager a couple of files to DriveHQ

The files did not show on the iPad App.
Even after signing off and on.

The transfer list did not show the files.

All one sign-on with full access.

Is there a lull? Or a reason?


9/4/2020 5:00:24 AM

  • DriveHQ_Support
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Subject: Re:files uploaded on PC using two-pane File Manager not showing on the iPad App

Sorry we cannot duplicate your problem. Please make sure you are logged on to the same account and are looking at the same folder; and make sure that the files were uploaded successfully. Both DriveHQ FileManager for PC and DriveHQ FileManager for mobile use the same cloud storage. You can log on to and go to My Storage page to verify that the files are in the cloud folder.

Please refresh the folder in your iPad version of DriveHQ FileManager. If you still cannot see the files, please email us a screenshot showing the problem. You can also try DriveHQ FileManager mobile on your iPhone or Android phone. (The iPhone version of FileManager can be installed on iPad. It is more updated and offers a little more features) 

9/4/2020 9:13:37 AM

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