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I am helping my firm to backup customer data offsite. We have done some comparisons and it seems you guys have the best product. Your DriveHQ Online Backup software is very easy to use. However, after I set it up last week, one of the backup tasks stopped at about 25% finished. FYI, I have created two tasks, one is about 900MB, which went through successfully without any problem; the other one is about 37GB, which only about 10GB has been uploaded.

I have paid for your 50GB plan, so I have enough storage. Is there any limitation on backup task size? What is the problem? I need this resolved asap!!

5/14/2007 6:45:46 PM

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Subject: DriveHQ Online Backup trouble-shooting guide

Could you provide more info about the problem? We are committed to solve any problems asap. Without more info about the problem, I provide a general trouble-shooting guide below:

(1) Make sure you have the latest version DriveHQ Online Backup (The current latest version is 3.8 Build 240 as of 5/14/2007). If you don't have, please download it from our website. After you've downloaded it, please double click to run it. The first time it will remove old version DriveHQ Online Backup (or WWWBackup). After uninstall finished, please reboot your computer and then double click the installer to install the latest version.

(2) Test with a small backup task first. Don't waste too much time trouble-shooting a big backup task. Use a small task and see if it works fine.

(3) Sometimes a particular file / folder may cause the problem due to its security settings, strange file/folder name, file or disk corruption, etc. It is important to pin-point which file(s)/folder(s) might have caused the problem. If the application failed to backup certain files, please try to use DriveHQ FileManager to manually upload files to Let us know what is the error message.

(3) If you have a very large backup task and you don't know which file(s) might have caused the problem, try to break the backup task into multiple smaller tasks. You can quickly pin-point which file(s)/folder(s) that had caused the problem this way.

(4) If you are backing up a laptop computer; note a backup task can be easily stopped due to computer standby, hibernate, or network power save mode, or wireless out of range. Please make sure you check backup task status and manually restart as needed.





5/14/2007 9:13:53 PM

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Subject: Re: Backup failed
Thank you. I've just installed the new version. So far so good. I will let you know if it stops again.

5/14/2007 10:10:45 PM

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