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Why Cloud Drive / Cloud File Server?

Cloud Drive is like a local drive; Cloud File Server is like a real file server. It is no-doubt the easiest Cloud Storage. Try it once, and you will never want to use browser-based or folder sync-based cloud storage again! Please read the comparison below:

Cloud Storage / File Server Solutions DriveHQ Cloud File Server Most Other Cloud Storage Local File Server
Map Multiple Drives
Replace Local File Servers -
File Locking
Directly Edit & Save Files in Explorer/Finder
Attach Files / Save Attachments in Outlook
Fine-Granular Group Access Control
Access or Share Files Anywhere on Any Devices
Total Cost (Hardware, User Licenses, Storage, Support) $6/user/year + Storage Charge $100-180/user/year Over $1000 on hardware + System Maintenance per office
Speed of Mapped Drives 3 times faster than most other WebDAV cloud drives - Fast, but is limited to the same location
Reliability of Mapped Drives Far more reliable than most other WebDAV cloud drives - Reliable, but is limited to the same location
Drive Mapping Tool Yes. (Easy with advanced features) Yes. (Not end-user friendly)

Drive Mapping Tool

This tool makes cloud drive much faster, more reliable and easier to manage on Windows. Mac and Linux users can directly map a WebDAV drive.

User Access Control

Manage sub-accounts, share files and collaborate with employees/clients. Share folders to multiple users with different permissions.

Save Time & Cost

Replace multiple file servers with one Cloud File Server; access better Cloud features; save cost on hardware and system maintenance.

How to Get Started?

You can migrate to DriveHQ Cloud instantly. You can completely replace your local file server / local storage. Just install our Drive Mapping Tool for Windows, or read more detailed information about WebDAV Drive Mapping on Mac and Linux.

Our Clients

Founded in 2003, DriveHQ is the leading Enterprise Cloud IT service provider. Our service is trusted by over 2.5 million users, including some largest organizations in the world. Better Business Bureau has rated our service A+ for many years!