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Why DriveHQ Cloud FTP/SFTP Server?

FTP server is expensive. System reliability, security & data backup are difficult to most users. You can get a Cloud FTP Server instantly, and it is much more powerful than any regular FTP/SFTP servers. Please read the comparison below:

FTP Server Hosting Solutions DriveHQ Cloud FTP Server Other FTP Hosting Service In-House FTP Server
Standard FTP Server Features
FTP Server Availability Very high >=99.99% uptime Varies Usually low
Download / Upload Speed Very fast. Faster if using FileManager Usually very fast Limited by your local bandwidth
Custom Domain FTP Server Unclear
Native Super-Fast FTP Client Software (DriveHQ FileManager) (requires 3rd party FTP client software) (requires 3rd party FTP client software)
Map Cloud Drives
Web-based Group Management Tool Unclear
Web-based File Sharing & User Access Control Unclear
Access or Share Files on Any Devices Unclear
FTP Server Hardware Cost $0 $0 $1000-$2000
FTP Server Software Cost $0 $0 $0-$500
Recurring System Maintenance Cost $0 $0 Expensive
Recurring Bandwidth & Electricity Cost $0 $0 Expensive
Total Cost (Hardware, Hosting, Users, Storage & Service) $4-15/user/month $5-25/user/month (without real FTP/SFTP) Over $1000 on hardware per office + System Maintenance

FTP Total Solution

DriveHQ Cloud FTP Server has all standard FTP server features. It can replace your local FTP server instantly. It also includes super fast FTP client software.

User Access Control

Manage sub-accounts, share files and collaborate with employees/clients. Share folders to multiple users with different permissions.

Save Time & Cost

Replace multiple FTP servers with one Cloud FTP Server; access better Cloud features; save cost on hardware and system maintenance.

Get 5GB FREE basic service with Cloud Drive Mapping, FileManager, Online Backup, Folder Sync and FTP

How to Get Started?

Please watch the FTP/SFTP Server Hosting Feature Tutorial video:

You can get your Cloud FTP /SFTP / FTPS Server instantly by signing up for an account on DriveHQ. You can use any FTP Client software to access your FTP server. We have tested FileZilla (Windows, Mac & Linux), CuteFTP, WsFTP, SmartFTP, CoreFTP, WinSCP, Fetch, CyberDuck and FlashFXP. To use our FTP server for business, please order a Business Basic, Business, Enterprise or Custom plan.

Configure FileZilla with DriveHQ FTP Server

It also works with most FTP-enabled web publishing software (e.g. Adobe Dreamweaver), FTP data backup software, IP phone voice logging service, data management software (e.g. Uniform Solutions) and content creation / management software. FTP-enabled scanners/all-in-one printers can scan to our FTP. IP cameras/DVRs must use CameraFTP Service instead.

DriveHQ offers FileManager for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Windows and Mac. It works like an FTP client, but it has more DriveHQ cloud features than a regular FTP client. Moreover, our FTP server is compatible with numerous FTP APPs on iOS and Android. We have created FTP Setup Guide documents for the following popular FTP APPs:

For iOS:

For Android:

DriveHQ Software - Better Than Regular FTP Client Software

You can install our Cloud Drive Mapping Tool for Windows and DriveHQ FileManager for Windows and Mac. Both are seamlessly integrated with our cloud service. Users don't need to configure FTP settings at all. Cloud drive mapping is the easiest cloud storage solution for average users. FileManager has more advanced features that will appeal to power users.

DriveHQ Command FTP: Powerful Command-line FTP/SFTP Client, Supports All FTP/SFTP Servers

DriveHQ Command FTP is a powerful command-line FTP/SFTP client. It is designed to replace the command-line Windows FTP client. It supports FTP, SFTP and FTPS; works with non-DriveHQ FTP/SFTP servers; supports Passive-mode FTP, advanced FTP scripting, automatic retrying and resuming, etc. For more info, please visit: Command-line FTP Client and FTP Scripting.

FTP Storage for IP Cameras and DVR Backup: Cloud Surveillance & Recording Service

DriveHQ's FTP Hosting service shall not be used for IP camera storage or DVR backup. We have a better service for IP cameras/DVRs. Please visit

Leading Cloud Surveillance service
Leading Cloud Surveillance service

Our Clients

Founded in 2003 in Silicon Valley, DriveHQ is a leading Enterprise Cloud IT service provider with over 20 years of track record. Our service is trusted by over 3 million users, including some largest organizations in the world.