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DriveHQ launches Cloud Storage & Cloud IT Solution 5.0 for business

Sunnyvale, California (July 30, 2010) Drive Headquarters announced today that it has launched Cloud Storage & Cloud IT Solution 5.0, a comprehensive set of cloud-based services for business. The main features include: remote file server; online storage, sharing & collaboration; online backup; FTP / Email / Web server hosting services, etc. The new cloud service 5.0 builds on top of the advanced technologies that have been developing since 2003. This software can help businesses migrate their file servers, backup systems, FTP servers, email servers, and sharing/collaboration systems to the cloud. What's more, users can achieve dramatic cost saving and improved remote productivity

About DriveHQ Cloud Storage & Cloud IT Solution 5.0
  • DriveHQ Cloud Storage & Cloud IT Solution was designed for business from day one. It has a solid technology foundation. Over the years as the user base grows, DriveHQ has improved and added more and more features based on the requirements of real business customers. Today, more than one million users, including tens of thousands of businesses are using DriveHQ cloud service.
    DriveHQ Cloud Storage & Cloud IT Solution 5.0 is designed to solve many problems faced by small business owners. Many small businesses don't have technical expertise to setup and maintain their own file servers, email servers, FTP servers, data backup systems, etc. Such basic IT systems are necessary for almost all businesses. By leveraging on DriveHQ Cloud sevice, small business owners can focus on their core business without worrying about server crashes, data loss and user management. Moreover, they can also remotely access their data files / emails from anywhere, or share and collaborate with team members or remote clients online at any time.
    DriveHQ Cloud Storage & Cloud IT Solution 5.0 can also support very large enterprises or educational institutes. With two-level group account service, batch user creation, and batch importing of contacts, the service can easily support companies / organizations with more than 10 thousand members.
DriveHQ Cloud Storage & Cloud IT Solution 5.0 main components
  • www.DriveHQ.com version 5.0 web-based services: including almost all DriveHQ features, except automatic data backup and folder synchronization. It now supports drag and drop folder / file management; batch file upload; zip download multiple files & folders; file versioning; remote Recycle Bin folder; webmail and web-based email / contact management; online sharing, publishing; group administration tool, etc.
  • DriveHQ FileManager 5.0: DriveHQ's flagship client software for drag & drop file upload / download; automatic folder synchronization, online sharing, collaboration and file versioning; online publishing, etc.
  • DriveHQ Online backup 5.0: DriveHQ's flagship client software for automatic data backup. It can backup PCs, servers and laptops reliably, even under slow and un-reliable network connection. Supports a lot of advanced features.
  • DriveHQ FTP Server Hosting service: supports almost all conventional FTP server features, plus seamless integration with other DriveHQ cloud-based services, works on any major platforms, incl. most mobile and hand-held devices
  • DriveHQ Email Server Hosting service: supports SMTP/POP3/IMAP4 and webmail; supports custom domain email hosting; supports almost all email client software, incl. most smart phones and hand-held devices.
  • Private domain website hosting; file / folder publishing & hosting, etc.
  • WebDAV drive mapping; works on PC, Mac and Linux, etc.
  • Customized logon page and customized website logo

About Drive Headquarters, Inc.

Drive Headquarters is the world’s first cloud IT solution provider. Their focus is to help SMBs by providing a better and more cost effective alternative to traditional IT systems. Founded in 2003, DriveHQ has become a leading provider of Cloud IT service with over 2 million customers. What differentiates DriveHQ from other companies is that it is a one-stop shop for all core IT services, including cloud based file, FTP and email servers, as well as automatic online backup, remote sharing and collaboration services. DriveHQ’s services not only lower IT costs, but also are more flexible and reliable than your in-house IT system. Complementing its advanced and easy to use products with its personable and highly skilled support staff, DriveHQ is the right choice for meeting the IT needs of growing businesses

Drive Headquarters is based in San Ramon, California. More information about Drive Headquarters can be found at https://www.drivehq.com/.