DriveHQ Client Software & Mobile Apps

DriveHQ client software & mobile apps deliver far better experience than browser-based cloud storage service. Moreover, many advanced features are not possible with browsers, e.g.:

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DriveHQ FileManager

A feature-complete way to access your cloud storage directly, or setup any number of folder synchronization tasks.
FileManager is extremely efficient and reliable in transferring very large files or folders.
Using the 3-pane interface, you can easily drag-n-drop transfer files between your local and cloud storage.

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WebDAV Drive Mapping Tool

Map your DriveHQ cloud storage as a network drive on any device. Open, save and attach files directly from your cloud drive with unprecedented ease. This is the most straightforward way of accessing cloud storage

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DriveHQ Online Backup

Easy yet reliable backup tool that will allow you to schedule tasks from any folder on your machine to reside securly on DriveHQ. For a backup solution that backs up files already housed on DriveHQ, please look at cloud-to-cloud backup

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DriveHQ EmailManager

Low-cost Email Server Hosting; Group Account; Private Domain; Outlook Access. Outlook Email & Contact Backup; Drag & Drop Emails / Contacts. Share Group Contacts.

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