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I have over 20GB of pictures and need to download them When connected via FileZilla it only goes back to one year via FTP, however, when i logon via web browser through cameraftp domain i can see all my pictures


Whats the best option to have all the pictures downloaded as a ZIP file?



7/23/2022 3:56:27 AM

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Subject: Re:Download uploaded files as zip

I checked it and noticed that FileZilla can download all image files. Because your camera stores all image files in one folder (without creating subfolders), this folder has huge number of files. It is slow to retrieve the file list information. Please be a little patient in this case.

FileZilla can list all files and you should be able to download all files. If not, please email us a screenshot showing the problem.

You can also install CameraFTP Viewer app for Windows, which can play or download the recorded footage. To download CameraFTP Viewer for Windows, please visit Microsoft's app store, then search for CameraFTP.


7/25/2022 1:08:27 AM

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