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  • rcfrias
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 I really wished this CameraFTP service would work for my needs.  Everything is perfect but the playback.

I already tried all settings they recomended and the ip camera successfully uploads h264m mpeg & jpeg .avi's  but none of those gets displayed on the "universal player"

Please Help!


9/2/2014 7:44:56 PM

  • rcfrias
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Subject: Re: Unable to playback my clips

 BTW, I own a D-Link DCS-2132L 

9/2/2014 7:45:45 PM

  • CameraFTPSupport
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Subject: Re: Unable to playback my clips

Currently, our viewer apps only support .MP4 video format and image snapshots.

In your case, you have 3 options:

(1) You can change your Camera to upload image snapshots instead of video files. If your camera uploads at 1 image/3 seconds to 1 image/second, the result is usually pretty good for security surveillance. Over 90% of existing IP cameras cannot upload video clips, but almost all of them can upload image snapshots. CameraFTP viewer can play the recorded images like a video.

(2) If you have a spare PC, you can run CameraFTP's Virtual Security System (VSS) software on it. VSS can connect to your IP camera, retrieve the live video and convert it into .MP4 video clips, then upload them to CameraFTP. VSS can support multiple IP cameras. If your IP camera does not support video upload, VSS can still upload video for it. VSS also works with the built-in webcam and USB webcams, so IP camera is not even required. For more information about VSS, please visit:

(3)  If your Camera uploads AVI video clips, CameraFTP still works fine as cloud storage for your camera, and it still offers better offsite protection than your camera's local storage (which can be easily destroyed by an intruder.) You can download the AVI files and play them locally. To download the AVI files, you can logon, click on My Cameras tab, then click the folder icon to open the camera folder. You can then find the uploaded AVI files.

If you want to download many files at once, you can use any FTP client software, such as FileZilla. You can also use Windows Explorer by entering the following address:

We will improve our support for AVI video format in the near future. In fact, our mobile viewer app for Windows Phone has already supported it! It will also be supported on Windows 8 in the very near future.



9/4/2014 2:48:45 AM

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