WebDAV Drive Mapping

Learn how WebDAV can simplify the way you access and collaborate on your cloud files

WebDAV Drive Mapping Quick Guide

WebDAV is easier and more efficient than folder synchronization. A mapped drive allows you to access your cloud files directly from your computer without taking up any of your local hard drive space. Data is being accessed directly from the cloud, but works like a local/network drive.

This is without doubt the most straight-forward way of accessing cloud files.

    Getting Started

  • Install our WebDAV Drive Mapping Tool
  • Enter your DriveHQ Username and Password
  • Specify a particular folder to map to, or map to the parent folder
  • Click on "Map Drive" and start enjoying DriveHQ!

    Simplicity and Convenience

  • Map your DriveHQ cloud content as any drive letter on your machine
  • Automatically map your drive with our productivity software
  • Open, Access, and Save files directly from any location
  • Integration with outlook and other locally-referenced software
  • Supports File Locking

    Designed For Enterprises

  • Replicates your existing file server so there is no need to re-train employees
  • Loaded with our management and security features
  • Simple migration proccess using our data import and ADI with SSO enterprise features
  • Manage all users from one central Goup Administration Tool
  • Convenience

    Take away the learning curve by allowing your users to access DriveHQ content as if it were any other network drive.

  • Integrated Sharing

    Any folders shared on DriveHQ or changes made on collaborated content will be immediately available to users accessing material via a mapped drive

  • Direct Saving & Attaching

    Mapping a drive will allow you to directly save folders from your local machine and attach files to desktop clients like Outlook.

  • Cross Platform

    WebDAV is a standard protocol that works on PC, Mac, Linux and Mobile Devices. Use our WebDAV manual for specific details on connecting.

  • Security

    WebDAV supports HTTPS/SSL, data communication between the server and client is encrypted