Cloud Drive Mapping

Absolutely the Easiest Cloud Storage & File Server Solution. Get 5GB FREE!

A mapped cloud drive works just like a local drive. It is easier and more efficient than folder synchronization. You can immediately use your WebDAV cloud drive without synchronizing files and taking up a lot of local disk space on all computers.

Try it once and you will never want to use other cloud storage service again!

Getting Started

DriveHQ WebDAV Drive Mapping Tool for Windows and Mac

    Simplicity and Convenience

  • Access your DriveHQ cloud storage like a local drive
  • Automatically map drives with our Drive Mapping Tool
  • Open, edit and save cloud files directly from any desktop software, such as MS Office
  • Integrate with MS Outlook for attaching files or saving attachments
  • Supports cloud file locking for group collaboration
  • Performance and Reliability

    Many cloud drives are slow and unreliable. With over 10 years of improvements and optimization, our cloud drive is dramatically faster and more reliable.

  • Group File Sharing with Fine-granular Access Control

    You can share folders to different users with various permission levels. A user can have multiple cloud drives mapped to different folders.

  • Automatically Map Drives with a Configuration File

    Similar to Windows logon script, you can create a WebDAVSettings.ini file to automatically map cloud drives for your subusers / subgroups.

  • Cross Platform

    WebDAV is a standard protocol that works on PC, Mac, Linux and Mobile Devices. For more detailed info, please read our WebDAV Service Manual.

  • File Versioning & Locking

    File Locking can prevent users from editing a file that is being worked on by another user. File Versioning is supported across all DriveHQ services.

  • Security

    WebDAV supports HTTPS/SSL, data communication between the server and client is encrypted

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