Drive Mapping

Learn how our WebDAV solution can simplify the way you access and collaborate on your cloud material

Drive Mapping Solution

DriveHQ's cloud storage can be mapped as a network drive, making online storage as simple as local storage. This is undoubtedly the simplest way to access cloud storage, and can be achieved easily on windows Explorer or Mac Finder by using our drive mapping tool.

Drive Mapping Highlights

  • Simple Mapping your DriveHQ cloud storage as a network drive could not be simpler with our WebDAV tool. Simply download the tool, logon, and click "map drive".
  • Secure Our drive mapping service supports HTTPS?SSL, data communication between the server, as well as client-side encryption.
  • Access Control Share multiple folders to various users with different permission levels. Your users will only see what you share with them.
  • Remote Access Access and share files from any location, on any device with a mapped drive.
  • Cross Platform WebDAV is a standard protocol that works on Mac, PC, Linux, and various mobile devices
  • Clout IT Integration Once you map a network drive on your local computer, you will be able to seamlessly integrate with DriveHQ's cloud IT service
  • File Versioning/Locking WebDAV service supports file locking, and file versioning is supported across all DriveHQ services
  • Group Management DriveHQ WebDAV is integrated with our group account service so enterprises can create and manage nested sub-groups and sub-users