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Are you able to playback the recorded sound from the camera?

10/9/2013 3:54:37 PM

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Subject: Re: Sound Recording

The current version of CameraFTP can support video / audio if your camera supports uploading video / audio.

At this time, most IP cameras cannot upload video / audio files. Video support is usually only limited to streaming via a web browser.

There are two issues if your camera uploads video files:

(1) We have not created service plans for video files. The price will still be dependent on your video resolution, frame rate, retention days and number of cameras. However, the parameters will be different. Please email CameraFTP customer support with your detailed information, we will provide a special price quote.

(2) CameraFTP Security Camera Viewer apps currently don't support playing video clips. You can download the video clip files and play locally using other video players installed on your computer.

We are working on a new version website and mobile apps. So it will be fully supported in a few months.

1/18/2014 2:33:40 AM

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