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 am trying to delete my N1 camera but I get wrong password have changed it a number of times and have failed to delete help please

1/18/2024 8:01:34 AM

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Subject: Re:n1 camera

In order to prevent a hacker/intruder from deleteing a camera (folder) or footage files, you need to enter your Secure/Camera Admin password. By default, your secure camera admin password is the same as your CameraFTP account password. But you can change your account password or secure camera admin password later. I have reset your Secure Camera Admin password to your current account password. You can change it again. For better protection, we recommend using two different passwords.

If you forgot your Secure/Camera Admin password, you can reset it online from:

To change your Secure password, please visit:

or you can log in to website, go to Account page, click Account Balancem then click Update Secure Password.



1/18/2024 9:32:04 AM

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