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 My camera seems to stop recording at some point during the day. When i come home, the app is no longer open on my computer. Is this due to settings for my actual computer, or is there something I need to re configure with the app itself? It defeats the purpose of having the security camera when it stops recording after a certain amount of time.

9/9/2015 12:43:10 PM

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Subject: Re:Camera does not record entire time I'm away from computer


If you are using the VSS software and have your IP or web cam connected, this should continue uploading as long as you have the software running. You will need to be sure that your computer is not set to a timed sleep mode, as this will disable the software from running. Your computer will have an option to set the sleep mode to 'never' in which case you the software should never automatically stop.

Please make sure to install the latest version of the software from our website and email if you have any continued difficulties. 

CameraFTP Support

3/1/2018 5:03:41 PM

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Subject: Re:Camera does not record entire time I'm away from computer

 I just purchased your services a little over a month ago and it does the same exact thing to me. I made it a point to set all my POWER & SLEEP settings to NEVER, but it still stops recording once I've left my office. I even went to the extent of placing my oscillating fan in camera view, but it still stops. I've had the same Nest cameras in my home for over 5 yrs and never a problem, unless wi-fi or power is out. I need a service that can continuously record 24/7 without any down time. My wi-fi at the office is restricted, but my corporate ethernet connection is limitless. Please fix this issue.

8/10/2022 1:51:21 PM

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Subject: Re:Camera does not record entire time I'm away from computer

Please try to pinpoint the problem first. CameraFTP is a cloud service provider. We offer cloud storage for IP security cameras and DVRs. We don't make, sell or manage IP cameras, but our service is compatible with most non-proprietary IP cameras and DVRs. If you use IP cameras / DVRs, please make sure your device is connected to the Internet and that it works fine. CameraFTP cloud service is monitored 24x7 and is extremely reliable. Our up-time is over 99.99%. 

You can use webcam or smart phone as IP camera by installing our software or app. If you use webcam, we recommend using CameraFTP VSS software. There are two slightly different versions:

CameraFTP VSS Desktop Edition and CameraFTP VSS Microsoft App Store Edition. We recommend installing the desktop edition whenever possible. You can download it from:

The desktop edition can run as a Windows service in the background. If you reboot your PC, it can run in the background even if nobody is logged on to the PC.  (of course  the PC must be on). 

If you use CameraFTP VSS software to upload footage to CameraFTP cloud, you can easily tell if the problem is with your local PC/VSS software or with our cloud service. Normally, VSS displays live camera video on your PC screen. So if you have any issue, just look at your PC:

- If your PC is off or if it is in standby/sleep mode, then it might be a PC problem. Please make sure your PC is always on.

- If VSS software is not running, you need to start it. Normally VSS software will not stop by itself. It has a monitoring program that can automatically restart it.

- If VSS software is running, please check if it displays the camera live video. If not, then usually it means the camera has a problem or lost connection. You need to check the camera, rebooting the camera usually solves the problem. For some cameras, you might need to set it to automatically reboot everyday or week if it is not reliable enough. 

Please also check if there is any error message displayed in the VSS main window. 

Lastly, if you cannot locate or solve the problem, VSS software has a built-in feature to report the issue to CameraFTP support. Please see the screenshot below:

NOTE: please also send a separate email describing your problem. A screenshot with the detailed error message is usually very helpful. 

8/10/2022 4:18:14 PM

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