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Good day
Sorry for my bad English

I have purchased the service of 2GB. I never had problems logging on, but some time now I can upload the files to the server but want to download it gives me a eeror of "permission denied" and will not let me do the download. The most unusual is that if I left with some and not others, and the error is like a Javascript error with the caption said. Also sometimes when I let down, the transfer is cut to 40%. if anyone knows the answer to my problem would appreciate what I say as quickly as possible


12/15/2008 5:15:18 AM

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Subject: Re: Permission

If you upload files to your own online folder and you cannot download later, then please double check:

  • If the logon session has expired;
  • If the file was uploaded successfully;
  • If the file was deleted from another computer;

Temporary / random network connection error could also cause this problem (which is very rare). It is recommended using DriveHQ FileManager 4.0 client software to upload / download files.

If you download files from a folder shared to you by other people, then please check with the person who shared the folder to you. A folder can be shared to you with different levels of access rights. If the folder is shared to you with "Large View Only" or "Thumbnail View Only" permission, you cannot download the original files from the shared folder.


12/16/2008 3:16:42 PM

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