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I want to setup a temporary link for my partner living in another country so that he can download a few files.

specifically :

  1. This FTP link would be removed after a few days

  2. My partner will be given a URL to FTP download files only.  NO uploading is permitted

 3.  He would be given a temporary account with user ID and password

 4.  Downloads limited to 100 MB

How to go about setting up and testing this temporary FTP link ?

Please advise.  Thank and I appreciate your fast response




12/22/2015 10:53:34 AM

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Subject: Re:How to setup a temporary link for FTP download

 If you want to share a file with many users, you can use our publish feature. You can publish a folder (or file), then provide the publish URL(s) to other people. The publish URL can be HTTP based or FTP-based. You can find the HTTP-based publish URL(s) when you publish a folder/file on website, or use DriveHQ FileManager.

If you publish a folder, the FTP publish URL is as follows:


Since you will only share files with one user, it is recommended using a sub-account. You can create a sub-account for your partner, then share a folder to your sub-user. This is a secure way of sharing files. You can create multiple folders in your own account, then share to different users with different permissions. Your sub-user can log on to website to download your files; he can also use any FTP client software, DriveHQ FileManager or WebDAV Mapped Drive to download your files.

Lastly, when you share or publish a folder, you can specify an expiration time.


>>> 3.  He would be given a temporary account with user ID and password


You can give him a sub-user name and password. As the main (group) account, you have full controll over sub-users. You can rename, edit, delete or disable sub-users. You can also log on as your sub-user.

>>>.  Downloads limited to 100 MB

Using our group admin tool, you can allocate storage space and download bytes to your sub-users. Usually, you don't need to allocate any storage space / download bytes to your sub-users. Your sub-users can access the folder(s) you shared to them. In this case, they will be using your account's max space and download bytes.

If you want to limit the download bytes to 100MB, then you need to allocate storage space and download bytes to the sub-user. You can then share the folder from the sub-account.

12/22/2015 12:30:04 PM

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