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I noticed that you have released a much improved version of DriveHQ File Manager (version 6.0).

The new software looks great, much improved over the old one which was looking a little tired, but can you tell me if/when this new software will be available for Resellers?

I have just tried to download the software again via our reseller plan, but the only version available this way is FileExplorer 5.2

It would be great if we could offer this new-look software to our customers, and would be even better if further customizations to the software are available (such as background/header colour etc).

For example, for the past 6 years we have been using the File Explorer software via the white label facility which has been great. However it is very limited in terms of customization and colours. Our logo for example is red and grey with a white background, and no matter what I do with it, it does not look good on a blue background, and this is one area of feedback that we receive from our customers time and time again.

Here is how ours looks currently:  


As you can see, it doesn't look great at the moment, but if we had a couple of colour options to choose from when customizing the software, we could make it look really good. If the header for example was white instead of blue, our logo and others I have seen using your reseller plan would have a much better looking product.

If possible (just thinking out loud here) it would also be great if we could upload our own image to be used as a desktop icon.

Can you tell me if or when the FileExplorer software will be updated to the newer 6.0 style? and if futher customizations will be available in the future?

Many thanks! - Nick

8/11/2015 3:17:08 AM

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Subject: Re:FileExplorer 6.0 (Software Customization)
We will gradually roll out new features to reseller websites. Sorry for the slow process. The major challenge is in the past we have signed up a lot of (small) co-branded / white label resellers. Some of them made extensive customization. Launching new features on those sites requires a lot of work.
In the future, for small resellers, we strongly recommend using our Instant Reseller model. It is much easier and offers much higher profit margin. Your users will use DriveHQ-branded service; however, you can set  "custom logo and logon page", which is like a co-branded service with little customization. 
The GUI of File Explorer and Online Backup for resellers can be fully customized (and localized). We can provide the GUI template files to you. You will need to customize the files yourself.  When doing so, please try not to change the text widths and image sizes. After you finish customizing, you can upload the files to your DriveHQ cloud storage. Our engineers can then help you create a customized installer. There will be a small one-time charge for the service. If you are interested, please contact DriveHQ sales via email or phone. 

8/11/2015 9:54:34 AM

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