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On Mar 7, we have released a new Build of FileManager and WWWBackup. The version 3.5 Build 239 FileManager and Build 232 WWWBackup have improved performance significantly.

It is better optimized for users with huge number of files. The previous version of FM and WB are optimized for users with less than 10000 files/folders. A lot of users now have more than 10000 files/folders, and some of them even have half a million files. It takes a long time to logon for those users. So please upgrade to the new version if you experience this problem.

To upgrade, please download the latest version FM and WB from our website, and double click on it. It will un-install your current version first. In most cases, it requires a system reboot to completely un-install the old version. Once the old version has been un-installed and system rebooted, double click on the new FM and WB installer again to install the latest version.

For advanced users, you don't have to reboot to un-install FM/WB. You can launch the un-installer, it will prompt that some files are locked. At this step, please make sure you close Outlook / Outlook Express, quit FM and WB; then use Windows task manager to kill the processes of "Explorer.exe" and "DriveHQRepository***.exe" ( if they are running). You can then un-install completely without rebooting your PC.




3/7/2007 12:47:47 PM

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