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How to Use DriveHQ WebDAV Service On iPad
with Bluebeam Revu / Bluebeam Vu
DriveHQ cloud storage service works with most of mobile productivity apps. As one of the largest FTP Hosting and WebDAV service providers, our service can be easily integrated with any mobile apps using the standard FTP or WebDAV protocols. Proprietary API is not even required.
If a mobile app supports WebDAV or FTP, then it can use DriveHQ’s cloud storage. Bluebeam® Revu for iPad, Office 2 HD and many other apps support WebDAV. For application developers, using a standard protocol-based API has many advantages over proprietary APIs.
About Bluebeam® Revu for iPad
Bluebeam® Revu is not a DriveHQ App / Service. For general support, users should contact Bluebeam directly. The information below is quoted from Bluebeam website:
“Bluebeam® Revu for iPad lets you work without limits. Access and navigate your PDF files on the go, from anywhere. Redline PDFs with industry-standard symbols and verify measurements in the field on the fly. Save custom markups for reuse across sessions, and collaborate with colleagues around the world in real time - regardless of Internet access - using Revu's cloud-based solution, Bluebeam Studio™. All it takes is a tap and swipe to experience.”
To collaborate with Bluebeam Revu requires to download data from the cloud, edit it, and then upload it back to the cloud.
Below is the detailed instruction about how to use DriveHQ cloud storage with Bluebeam Revu:
First of all, please make sure you have an account on If not, please visit and sign up a free account first. If you already have an account, please sign in your account.
Step 1: Create a DriveHQ Secure WebDAV URL:
Sign in from your iPad (or PC), then click the DriveHQ logo on the top-left corner to go to the home page:
Click “WebDAV Drive Mapping” in the Main Menu. Scroll down to find the link to create the Secure WebDAV URL:
In the “Create or Manage Secure WebDAV URLs for Drive Mapping” page, click “New WebDAV Security Key” if you have not already created a security key.
After you have created a key, please make sure the IP address is Unrestricted if you need to access your files from anywhere. You can click “Unrestrict” to unrestrict the IP address.
Now you have the Secure WebDAV URL ready, you will need it later.
Step 2: Configure DriveHQ WebDAV for iOS App
On your iPad, launch Bluebeam Vu / Revu, tap the Document Manager icon:
It will pop the Document Manager window as shown below. Tap the Add Service icon:
It will pop the Add Service window, select WebDAV.
It will then ask you to enter the WebDAV account and server URL:
You can enter DriveHQ as the Account Name (or any other name that you can remember).
You can leave Username and Password empty since your DriveHQ username and password are already encrypted in the secure WebDAV URL. Of course, it is also fine if you enter your DriveHQ username and password here.
The url will be the Secure WebDAV URL created in the first step. You can copy and paste the URL from Safari, or if you use a PC, you only need to type in the first part of the Secure WebDAV URL as follows:
Tap the Add button, and it will display the following dialog:
Close the dialog, and you have finished adding your DriveHQ cloud storage for use with Bluebeam Vu.
To access DriveHQ cloud storage, you just need to tap Document Manager icon again and you will DriveHQ name in the list. Tap on it and you can navigate to the cloud folders as follows:
You can tap on a PDF file name to open it in Bluebeam, e.g.:
DriveHQ service is supported on all platforms. In addition to DriveHQ’s native FileManager App for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Windows and Mac, we also support open standards such as WebDAV and FTP. Therefore, our service is compatible with almost all mobile apps. If you cannot find DriveHQ in the provider list, just select WebDAV, FTP or Others.
For App developers, integrating with DriveHQ’s cloud service is very easy. You can use open standard-based APIs such as WebDAV and FTP. It is better documented and easier to implement than any other proprietary APIs. Moreover, since it is open standard-based, it means you can easily find public libraries and re-use your code for other service providers. Of course, if you need to access DriveHQ’s advanced features, we do have many other APIs for you.


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