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First of all, DriveHQ's Drop Box folder should not be confused with

- The Dropbox folder offered by is really a synchronized folder. (DriveHQ's Enterprise Folder Sync service is offered through DriveHQ FileManager client software).

- DriveHQ's Drop Box folder is like a real drop box: anybody can drop files into it, but nobody can access files already dropped in except the drop box owner.

- DriveHQ's Drop Box is unique: other file sharing services solve the problem of how to share files to other users; DriveHQ's Drop Box solves the problem of how to let other users share files to you; more importantly, anybody can easily share files to you securely without the hassle of creating an account or login.

The detailed information about DriveHQ's Dropbox Folder can be found online at Drop Box Online Help.

DriveHQ's Drop Box is very flexible. It can be embedded into your own web pages; you can customize the look and feel if needed. Below are examples of the same Drop Box embedded into different web pages:

In general, you cannot customize the functionality, but if you have an enterprise level service and if you need to customize the drop box feature, please contact us. We can customize the Drop Box template for you. Dependent on the amount of work, we may or may not charge a service fee.


10/2/2014 12:14:56 PM

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Subject: Re:Advanced features of DriveHQ's Drop Box folder

 Do you have a drop box template where I could pass in the name and email adress to hidden fields (or read only fields)?



11/21/2014 7:06:57 AM

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