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  • etalmar
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I use Core FTP Pro and whenever I log on to your FTP server, the area where all of my folders should be listed is completely blank. I haven't changed any FTP settings lately and up until the past few days, FTP access was working perfectly. I'm using th standard FTP settings of:

Host:  ..  Username: etalmar  ..  Password: my password  ..  Port: 21 ..  PASV setting ON

Is there some new configuration protocol that i am missing or is there an issue with your FTP server? Thanks very much for your assistance.

8/23/2011 7:56:37 PM

  • DriveHQ Customer Support
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Subject: Re:Can't View Files On FTP Server

Dear Customer,

 Thank you for your inquiry. Please note there are restrictions for free FTP users:

 1. The FTP connection frequency must be no greater than 6 times per minute.

In some cases, the limit might be less.

2.  The max logon times is 25 times per day.  On top of this you get 100 FTP

logons when you open account which can be drained after you use your 25 on

any given day.


If you violate either of these restrictions, your IP may become blocked for two hours.  If you continue to log on after this, your account may become disabled and you would need to contact us to have it re-enabled. 

 With any paid subscription, there is no restriction on max # of logons.

However, the connection frequency must still be kept to 10 times per minute or lower.  You can use our server which is reserved for paying members. 

8/24/2011 9:22:49 AM

  • etalmar
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Subject: Re:Can't View Files On FTP Server

Thanks for trying to help, but your explanation did not reslve my problem. I've had an account since 2006 and I am well aware of TOS limitations and connection frequency rules. However, I do not use this account with such frequency that I need to be concerned about and closely monitor the aforementioned restrictions.

There is some sort of recent issue with how my Core FTP client is connecting to your server, but not displaying files and folders. I will just try to figure it out on my own.

8/24/2011 9:59:43 AM

  • etalmar
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Subject: Re:Can't View Files On FTP Server

I resolved my problem.

8/24/2011 10:19:50 AM

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