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Recently you have added a box of information to the bottom of the window of the web page viewer  which shows information such as create time, modify time, file size, etc for the image that is being displayed.  This box covers the bottom of my images when I expand them out of thumbnail to full size. Now, in order to see the bottom of the image, I have to physically scroll up to get the bottom of the image out from under that new bar of information.  I have to look at a LOT of images and before that information box was placed there i could view the full frame of each image without having to scroll each one up. Is there any way I can get rid of that new bar of information  or keep it off the screen so it won't block that portion of my image and I won't have to scroll up on every single image to view the full frame?  It was much easier before that information was placed there and I don't really need it. 

7/20/2011 1:14:30 PM

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Subject: Re:New Box Of Info Blocking Image

You may select "Go back to older version", and the bar will no longer appear on the bottom. To select "Go back to older version", log on to your account -> the tab should appear right next to your username.


7/20/2011 1:48:02 PM

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