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Hi, I currently subscribed to your monthly premium service. Is there a way to set automatic billing so I don't need to pay every month? Thanks.

9/29/2006 12:52:20 PM

  • DriveHQ Webmaster
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Subject: Re: Do you support automatic billing?

Hi, it's interesting that a lot of users don't like their credit cards being automatically debited for different services. Thus DriveHQ NEVER automatic debit your credit or PayPal. However, we do automatically debit your DriveHQ account.

Sometimes you probably see that your account balance is in red. DriveHQ offers 1 month grace period. After that, your can still logon and download very small files, such as thumbnails, but downloading large files will be blocked. DriveHQ doesn't delete your files even if your account balance is negative. (Of course this policy might change; but is unlikely in couple years)

Please also note your monthly billing date is the "day-of-month" when you signed up an account on

To avoid the hassle of monthly payment, you can pay several months at once or switch to an annual plan. To make a payment, please logon, and click on "My Account", then click on "Deposit".

9/29/2006 6:25:30 PM

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