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  • gaptiling
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Hi All,

My question is as follows:

I need to backup approx 5GB of data, of which only approx 5-10mb will change daily.  So, on a daily backup, will the backup be a full backup every night, or differential?

Also, I note the 200MB download limit.  If I needed to restore my 5GB of data, will I have to do this over 25 days?

Thanks in advance


9/20/2006 2:23:45 PM

  • DriveHQ Webmaster
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Subject: Re: Bandwidth

The daily backup is differential. So it will be very fast as only those new/changed files will be uploaded. DriveHQ WWWBackup also compresses data during upload / download, so the performance is usually even faster. However, if you are using DSL / Cable Modem, please expect the initial upload will take a long time.

As of download bytes, you should have more than enough download bandwidth for a 5GB premium service. You have 20GB download bytes / month and there is no daily limit.


9/21/2006 12:08:13 AM

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