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Hi webmaster, I just tried your FTP service, it is fantastic. One thing I might want to ask is: can you offer private FTP hosting service? Basically, I don't want it display, bla bla.   From the online help, it seems your email and website can be private branded, but how to do so for FTP? thanks

8/23/2006 2:49:28 PM

  • DriveHQ Webmaster
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Subject: Re: Can I get a private FTP hosting?

Very good question. I just checked with our FTP Service product manager, he said it is harder than web / email hosting. The trouble is most FTP client uses IP address only, which means we have to use one dedicated IP address to host a private FTP site.

So to answer your question: yes, it is possible; but since we have limited IP addresses, there will be extra monthly cost. Please send email to if you are serious. Thanks.

8/23/2006 3:38:59 PM

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