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I'm using "GoodSync" to backup my files and I get this error ->

- ERROR: Cannot rename temp file to destination file: Server says: Error, Rename only works in the same directory: "/Shared Files - Cards/_gsdata_/gs-20101203-213135.tmp".


12/3/2010 9:44:16 PM

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Subject: Re:GoodSync Error

It seems GoodSync tried to rename a file into a different folder, the current version DriveHQ FTP server requires two steps for that operation: move and rename. 


It is recommended using DriveHQ FileManager 5.0, which is our native application, it requires no configuration and it has more features, plus it has very powerful folder synchonization, group sharing and collaboration features. For more info, please visit:



12/12/2010 1:22:22 AM

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