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  • karlwilkinson
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 I can place a file into the directory manually, but when I try to do this from another server it fails. Is this being restricted as it is the free addition?

1/15/2020 6:59:22 AM

  • DriveHQ_Support
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Subject: Re:Does a free account allow a server to connect to put a file in the directory

No, there is no such restriction. Please provide more detailed info about which software you use, how you upload and which folder/file is having this problem.

If you use WebDAV Cloud Drive Mapping Tool, you can click Advanced -> Event Log -> Send Event Log to Support. 

If you use DriveHQ FileManager, you can click Help -> Send Event Log To Support

Please email us the steps to duplicate your problem.





1/15/2020 8:44:41 AM

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