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I purchased 5-User subscription.

Using your affiliate model, I want to put 2 people in a group and 2 people in a seperate group. I want only those people to see the files of the group they are in. I am using the HQ filemanager to sync files between the people. One group is sales.... 2 people in sales would be looking at one set of folders.... The other group is support, and they are looking a different set of folders to be sync. I want to keep them seperate so only sales can see the sales folders and not see the support folders. How can this be done?

10/1/2007 8:12:54 AM

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Subject: Re: Reselling Group Accounts

You can create a folder (\Sales) for the sales group, and another folder (\Support) for the support group. You can then share the folder \Sales to the sales group; and share the \Support folder to the support group. When sharing to a group of people, you can manually enter the users' email addresses / usernames directly in the share-to field. Or you can create a "Contact group" and then select the contacts from the contact list.

To create a contact group, please logon and go to DriveHQ email hosting service, click on Webmail, then click on Contacts.

10/2/2007 3:19:26 PM

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