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I have the next situation: I need that 1- a pc program send to my drivehq space a txt file via FTP and 2- that file be able to download for any user in the internet. Ok with first step there was no problem, but with the second is not working. From browser it keeps a first old file (not the last one uploaded) and when I try to download from a program in my pc it download a source code of the page, not the plain text required. Is it possible to publish a entire folder, with all the content inside, without the need of publish each file when it change?
Thanks in advance for your help.

9/3/2017 4:07:40 AM

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Subject: Re:About files publishing

 Hi William, 

You can absolutely share an entire folder on your account. You just need to logon from the website, select the folder in question from My Storage, and click on 'publish'. This will publish the entire folder.

DriveHQ Support

9/4/2017 8:41:38 AM

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