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Third issue: It seems I lost all my backup tasks. DriveHQ Backup 3.8 produced some errors while backing up, e.g.: 'Failed to create folder' with 'Global' in the task column. And it crashed a few times. Now after a reboot is starts up, logs in, but no tasks are shown. (The backed up data is still there, however.)

Do I need to manually recreate all my tasks?

Where is the task info stored? Local in the registry or elswhere?

Thanks for your support.


6/7/2007 7:55:34 AM

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Subject: Re: it seems I lost all my backup tasks

Sorry for the inconvenience. The task info is created on server, but is also cached locally. Sometimes when a network error happens while uploading the task info file, the existing file could gets deleted but the newer version file failed to upload. When you restart DriveHQ Online Backup, the backup tasks become lost. we are working on a version that adds fault tolerance on this. In the meantime, you can recreate the same backup tasks using the same name and the same source folders. This way, you don't need to upload files again. The backup tasks will be fixed very quickly.

If you need to restored any backed up files, you can also use FileManager. DriveHQ stores backup files in the folder:

\DriveHQData\DriveHQ WWWBackup\Data

Or if you use "backup with encryption", then the folder is:

\My Documents\My Encrypted Data\


6/7/2007 12:29:00 PM

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