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First of all, I have used your FTP and FileManager software, great service!

I have a creative webcam, and noticed it has a remote monitoring feature. I have tried to set it up with your FTP, however, the image size is always 0 byte. Anyways to solve this problem?

5/19/2007 4:08:27 PM

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Subject: Re: Webcam FTP

This is a very interesting question. We have done a lot of investigation into this.

The problem is because Creative Webcam's software doesn't support Passive FTP! Almost all users now have firewalls, which almost always block Active FTP connections.

For users without a firewall, the current FTP upload should work just fine. Otherwise, we can still work around it. Instead of uploading files using FTP, you can upload files using DriveHQ FileManager. You can synchronize the local folder:

"C:\documents and settings\Windows_USERNAME\My Documents\Webcam Center\Remote Monitoring" with a folder on

This will allow all captured images to be uploaded to automatically. Creative also has a template HTML file to remote display and monitor the captured images. The template file is saved in this folder:

"C:\documents and settings\Windows_USERNAME\Application Data\Creative\Webcam Center\cache".

The HTML and content files can be uploaded to using FileManager. To monitor the files online, you must upgrade to a premium / true user. You can easily use the wwwhome folder for hosting your HTML and image files.


5/19/2007 4:57:55 PM

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