About DriveHQ

The Leading Enterprise Cloud IT Service

For over a decade, DriveHQ has focused on developing the best cloud IT technologies for businesses. Today, we offer a suite of bundled features that go far beyond a standard cloud storage or backup solution. Our main features include WebDAV Drive Mapping, Group Sharing & Collaboration, Multi-Folder Sync and FTP Server Hosting. DriveHQ can be used to completely replace your in-house file server, as well as consolidate your ftp, email, and web hosting needs.

DriveHQ is a unique company in Silicon Valley; founded by technology veterans who have never relied on VC funding, our time and energy have always been spent on improving our technologies to create a complete cloud solution for organizations of all sizes. Dedicating ourselves to high-quality service over marketing hype means we can offer better service at lower price, and still be profitable. You can count on DriveHQ to provide a comprehensive cloud solution that will be here for years to come.

DriveHQ is proud to support over 2.5 million loyal users. Tens of thousands of companies have embraced DriveHQ Cloud IT Solution as a cost-effective and reliable alternative to their traditional self-hosted solutions. With our service, these customers:

  • - No longer need to setup file servers, FTP servers or email servers;
  • - No longer need to setup complicated VPN for remote access;
  • - No longer need to worry about their servers, backup and data security;
  • - No longer need to worry about sending very large files;
  • - No longer need to worry about user administration and access control. DriveHQ Cloud service provides a central tool for user management.

This year, we are celebrating our 13th year of success. By focusing on technologies and innovation, we are able to continue offering better services at lower prices. Choose DriveHQ, the company you can count on for many years to come!