Configure Microsoft Office (Word/Excel for Android)

Configure Microsoft Office (Word/Excel for Android) to Store Files to DriveHQ FileManager / Cloud Storage

Microsoft Office (Word/Excel for Android) is the dominant productivity suite. It is very popular on Android. You can create/edit Office documents on your Android phone/tablet and save them to DriveHQ Cloud Storage (via DriveHQ FileManager App).

DriveHQ FileManager for Android is DriveHQ's mobile client app. To save files to DriveHQ Cloud, you must install DriveHQ FileManager App from the Google Play Store first.

DriveHQ is a leading Cloud File/FTP Server and WebDAV Drive Mapping service provider.

In this document, we will explain how Microsoft Office can store files to DriveHQ FileManager / Cloud Storage. The information is also useful for other apps to store data on DriveHQ cloud storage.

Save Files from Microsoft Office to DriveHQ Cloud Storage using FileManager App

Launch MS Office (e.g. Word or Excel) on your Android device, then create/edit a document file:

After finish editing the file, tap the menu icon at the top-right corner, it will display the file menu (incl. Save, Send, Export and Print, etc.).

Tap "Send a Copy", it will display the following "Send a Copy" screen:

You can choose to send the file as an Office document file, or a PDF file. Select "Document", it will display the following "Share as Attachment" screen:

Tap the DriveHQ icon, it will automatically launch DriveHQ FileManager app, and display the following FileManager screen:

The default folder is the cloud storage root folder. You can select a different cloud folder. After you select a folder, tap Upload. It will save (upload) the Office file to the selected DriveHQ cloud folder.


You can then access the saved cloud file from anywhere, incl. a mapped drive on your PC/Mac.