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DriveHQ launches “Drop the Dropbox” campaign in the business cloud service market

Jan. 25, 2014, San Ramon, California - Drive Headquarters (https://www.drivehq.com), the first cloud IT solution provider, launches “Drop the Dropbox” campaign in the business cloud service market.

DriveHQ has offered cloud services for over a decade and has developed a broad range of Cloud IT technologies that are far ahead of Dropbox, Box, Egnyte, Google Drive and Carbonite. As the cloud industry matures, the consumer cloud storage service is quickly becoming a commodity market with little profit margin. Companies like Dropbox and Box, faced with the burden of unprofitable consumer business, are transitioning into an Enterprise cloud storage service provider. Funded with massive VC investments, they have begun a frenzy of marketing hypes, while in reality they are far behind DriveHQ on both quality of service and number of features.

We launched the “Drop the Dropbox” challenge as a way to encourage users to take a hard look at what they are receiving with their providers. It is becoming increasingly obvious that users are signing up for Dropbox account simply due to the fact that they are the popular or “cool” choice. We hope to inspire users to take a moment to compare what they are receiving from their current cloud provider with what they could be receiving.

Anybody who takes the challenge has the potential to win a $50 prize. “Sure, $50 isn't going to go very far; but this way, when we hear someone says "Dropbox is by far the superior cloud provider,”” explains Sean Lee, “we can simply say "great, since you feel so strongly about it, why not write about it and win some cash?" we are confident that when people actually take some time to look, they will be shocked with their findings.”

As part of the “Drop the Dropbox” campaign, DriveHQ has created detailed service feature and price comparisons. It clearly shows how weak those competing services compared to DriveHQ’s cloud IT service, and it also exposed their bad practice of gouging their business customers by charging over $180/user/year to $420/user/year – when DriveHQ only charges $6/user/year plus storage charge.

DriveHQ has also launched a “Drop the Dropbox” video, and challenges any user or tech media: if they can write an article explaining in good faith why they would choose Dropbox over DriveHQ for business, DriveHQ will pay $50 to them. “With massive VC-funding and innovative marketing strategies, Dropbox and Box have enjoyed far greater reputation than what is justified.” Says Julie Harris, DriveHQ’s VP of sales and marketing, “DriveHQ is a technology focused company; as the first cloud IT solution provider, we out-innovate Dropbox in many aspects. We want to let businesses know that there is a far better alternative to Dropbox or Box.”

Please visit: https://www.drivehq.com/help/solution/contest_dropdropbox.aspx for more details about the "Drop the Dropbox" campaign

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Drive Headquarters is the world’s first cloud IT solution provider. Their focus is to help SMBs by providing a better and more cost effective alternative to traditional IT systems. Founded in 2003, DriveHQ has become a leading provider of Cloud IT service with over 2 million customers. What differentiates DriveHQ from other companies is that it is a one-stop shop for all core IT services, including cloud based file, FTP and email servers, as well as automatic online backup, remote sharing and collaboration services. DriveHQ’s services not only lower IT costs, but also are more flexible and reliable than your in-house IT system. Complementing its advanced and easy to use products with its personable and highly skilled support staff, DriveHQ is the right choice for meeting the IT needs of growing businesses

Drive Headquarters is based in San Ramon, California. More information about Drive Headquarters can be found at https://www.drivehq.com/.