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DriveHQ launches Enterprise WebDAV Drive Mapping Solution

Aug. 13, 2012, San Ramon, California - Drive Headquarters (https://www.drivehq.com), has launched the Enterprise WebDAV Drive Mapping Solution.

DriveHQ has launched the Enterprise WebDAV Drive Mapping Solution. WebDAV drive mapping is the most straight-forward way of accessing cloud-based storage. DriveHQ has offered regular WebDAV service for many years as part of its Cloud IT service. However, a regular WebDAV drive is inherently not robust over the Internet. The problem cannot be easily fixed because WebDAV uses Windows Explorer as the client software. Windows Explorer is optimized for local drives and LAN-based network drives only.

When mapped over the Internet, DriveHQ's new Enterprise WebDAV Solution is better than any other regular WebDAV solutions based on Apache, IIS or Share Point Servers:

  • It is extremely easy to setup. It does not require any client or server software. You just need a secure WebDAV URL to map a drive.
  • It is more secure. Instead of using a username and password, it uses an encrypted form of your username and password to securely map a network drive. You can easily manage your WebDAV security keys and set IP restrictions.
  • It works extremely well with Microsoft Office, whereas a regular WebDAV service is frequently encountered with different problems, such as repeated authentication and loss of drive connectivity, etc.

"With our Enterprise WebDAV service, SMBs can now completely migrate their in-house file server to DriveHQ cloud IT service without worrying about retraining their employees." Says Sean Lee, DriveHQ's Chief Product Manager. "User accounts, sub-groups and permission settings can all be migrated to match with their local file server. Users will be accessing the same drive letter as if they are accessing their old local file server. The benefits are enormous. SMBs can focus on their own business and leave the backend IT issues to DriveHQ, and best of all, they can access their files securely from anywhere. They are no longer limited to work in the office only."

DriveHQ Enterprise WebDAV Solution is optimized for premium members. Free service members can also use it but with certain restrictions. For more detailed information, please visit: https://www.drivehq.com/WebDAVCloudDriveMapping/

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