About DriveHQ (& CameraFTP)

The Leading Enterprise Cloud IT Service

DriveHQ is the first Cloud IT service provider. It was launched in 2003 with the goal of becoming a one-stop shop for all Cloud IT services. Since then, DriveHQ has been leading the industry in the following areas:


Drive Mapping is the easiest way of accessing Cloud storage. When you can directly access Cloud storage like a local drive, you never want to use any browser based or folder sync based cloud storage again.

Combined with our Group Account service, you can share folders to different users with fine granular access. You can use the same Cloud File Server to replace any number of physical file servers.

Broad Enterprise Features

Being easy is only the first requirement. In the end, you need a service that can meet your Cloud service needs and solve your IT problems. DriveHQ's high-end enterprise Cloud features can dramatically simplify your IT operations.

Truly Save Cost

Cloud services can be more expensive than you thought. The initial cost is misleading, but it will cost more in a few years. What's more, it takes time to migrate your existing systems and re-train your users. The worst part is you may not be able to get rid of your existing systems, and you may need multiple cloud providers to fulfill your cloud needs.

DriveHQ is an exception. Our service can truly save your cost in both short term and long term. You can migrate to our Cloud instantly without re-training your users. Because DriveHQ is a one-stop shop, it can replace your local IT systems and you don't need multiple cloud providers!

Technology Innovation

In Silicon Valley, most entrepreneurs look for quick money. DriveHQ is very different. Founded by technology veterans in 2003 (well before Amazon and Google entered the Cloud Storage market), DriveHQ has always focused on technology innovation. Today, we are still miles ahead of our competitors in Cloud IT technologies. In the past 21 years, we have witnessed over 50 companies failed in the Cloud Storage industry, DriveHQ is still steadily growing, and we never needed VC funding.

DriveHQ has over 3 million loyal users from all over the world. Tens of thousands of businesses have adopted our Cloud IT service, incl. over a dozen of Fortune 500 companies. DriveHQ is a trusted name in the Enterprise Cloud IT industry. Please watch the DriveHQ Features Walkthrough videos:

Launched in 2012, DriveHQ's CameraFTP division has become one of the leading Cloud Surveillance service providers. Security cameras are not secure unless they record to the Cloud, otherwise, an intruder can easily destroy the cameras. CameraFTP is compatible with most IP cameras and you can even use Webcam or Smartphone as security camera.

With DriveHQ protecting your data and CameraFTP protecting your physical assets (from $1.50/camera/mo), what do you have to worry about?