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"The Most Effective Approach To PASSING The National Physical Therapy Examination"

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Every year there are several thousand Physical Therapy students that struggle with (NPTE) preparation. In 2014, according to CAPTE records approximately 800 students failed the NPTE. With the extensive amount of time and funding that is required to become a licensed therapist, that should come with an opportunity to reap the benefits. Unfortunately, too many students are struggling each year to pass this exam and many first time test takers are anxious if they are preparing well enough to pass this exam.

Why PT Exam-Masters?

Nothing about Physical Therapy is "one size fits all". Since we know this to be true, why would you rely solely on NPTE exam courses/programs that are generalized. PT Exam-Masters focuses on the individual student's available time, students study skills, preparation, specific circumstances, anxieties etc.

Who needs a consultation?

The answer is simple, every student. The NPTE is a very challenging examination and with that challenge comes an understandable level of anxiety and lack of confidence. These feelings are normal but can be detrimental to a NPTErs score. Every student regardless of their knowledge and background can use an assessment by a NPTE expert.

Our Master Philosophy

There are no useless resources. The secrets of success with preparing for the NPTE is utilizing all available resources and knowing what resources are the most effective for which aspect of studying. The students who agree and practice this philosophy have little problem with the NPTE.

Organization of Knowledge: An Important Concept to Know When Trying to Improve an NPTE Score.

The key to boosting your score on the examination is the understanding of organization. Anyone can read a text and memorize information but the ability to organize your knowledge in order to be readily accessible when prompted with a question is a nurtured skill. Organization of knowledge makes efficient and effective problem solving possible. How are you organizing your knowledge? Are you tapping into your problem solving potential?

Bite-Sized Pieces: The Difference Between Quality and Quantity-based NPTE Students

There are two primary types students who study for the NPTE. Those students who study for quantity and those who study for quality. Do you study for long periods of time, find yourself distracted several times during study periods and often have difficulty remembering the concepts you studied just yesterday? These are characteristics of a person who studies for quantity. If this fits your study situation do not be alarmed, you are not alone. Many students study for quantity and this happens to be one of the biggest point reducers on the NPTE. Do you want to learn how to start studying for quantity and potentially boost your score by several points? Review our score booster class schedule and select, "Bite-Sized Pieces: The Difference Between Efficient and Inefficient NPTE Students."

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