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now in

where ever freepascal is available

Lee/Riel 3D

(Graphic Device Interface) in "C", supports both
Police-state AM or in FM visual & their contexts.
The, Nintendo 2DS .. 3DS Theories
of (Stereo-scopic &or Holo-deck) Pascal relativity!

Good portions based on 3Dbrew.org development libraries

Law's presented in "C" Jordan Rabet NinjaHax aka ctrulib
Citro3d fincs citro3d
Simplefast Graphics Sergi Granell sf2dlib, sfillib

Found in and for use with "C" only; prior to the advent of my research in this field.

should fit most 2ds or 3ds build systemshomebrew.3dsx

& today Wii form a new 3DS republic from the ashes of the N2DS Empire ...

magnet's lack updates

(FreePascal on (N2DS &or N3DS)) in simulcast::http://remote.utorrent.com/tiny/B75qMC
Ninjahax, citro3D, sf2d & sfil in simulcast::http://tinyurl.com/y8e7ksg6
Parx-1.6.tar.gz (GDI for (N2DS &or N3DS) in simulcast::http://tinyurl.com/yca5zfkj
Parx-Pro.tar.gz in simulcast::http://tinyurl.com/ybk5ujrj