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About Us

Our aim is to be the pre-eminent body in the IT contract and recruitment industry in USA, setting the direction for the industry and influencing its standards and code of practice. Fidelis Pro Solutions excels in representing its members's interests to government, employers and employees and in providing industry specific and cost efficient forums and programs.

To be a leader requires a strong partnership between Fidelis Pro Solutions and our people - a partnership which encourages people to give their best and rewards them for achievement.

As organisations have come to embrace the significant benefits of sophisticated and integrated technology, company budgets are being driven by "return on investment" rather than "cost reduction". This has led to enormous change within the industry's culture and the way in which IT departments' structure and approach the make up of their workforce.

Our team of contract and permanent recruitment specialists have the technology, processes and mechanisms in place to identify the IT talent that can add value to your business. We recruit people at all levels of seniority from chief information officers to graduate hardware engineers across all disciplines and industry sectors.

Our business model is based entirely around the ability to satisfy the needs of our clients by providing high quality candidates through the application of specialist recruitment know-how.