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Alvis Solutions is the leading provider of web-based enterprise resource planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Customer Relationship management (CRM) software solutions for small to medium size businesses. Our specific expertise is in the rugs industry. Based in San Francisco Bay Area, California, we are committed and dedicated to not only providing and promoting but also progressively researching technological breakthroughs in the multi-faceted and viciously paced technological front.

Taking software engineering through the processes of conceptualization, planning, modeling, development and quality assurance the desired specifications matched with the up-to-date and out of the box GUI’s, Alvis Solutions provisions a myriad of products and services ranging from basics to the more diverse and challenging products such as the web based Supply chain management system, Inventory management system, Customer relationship and Financial management systems.

Alvis Solutions believes and avidly promotes the use of best industry standards and processes. At Alvis Solutions, we put paramount focus on a forked approach i.e. dividing the process into following steps: Requirements, Design, Implementation, Testing and Maintenance With a structured approach to every task, our team has a 90% record of completing all projects before the projected inter-department timelines and a virtually impeccable record for the contractual deadline agreed upon with our clients.

Growing with the fast paced online industry, Alvis Solutions has marched into the next generation of web and client server development mastering the rapid growth in Microsoft.net technologies to provision the web as a platform for running complex applications online, overthrowing the monopoly of outdated desktop applications.

Our Team

The key to our achievements is the creative genius of our team and their drive towards excellence.

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- Senior Software Engineers
- Junior Software Engineers
- System Test Engineer
- Web/Graphics Designer

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Alvis Solutions chronically strives to get a better understanding of the periodically evolving needs of our clients.

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