Enable Anybody to Upload Files to You without Logon and without Hassle

DriveHQ’s Drop Box Folder feature is totally different from Dropbox.com service! Dropbox.com creates a Dropbox folder on your computer. You can drag files into it. The folder is synchronized with the cloud. Now you see “Dropbox” seems to be a misnomer. It’s better to change the name to “Syncbox” so as not to confuse the original meaning of “drop box”. A DriveHQ "true drop box" is shown in the picture below.
Drop box
It works like the mail drop in the post office. You create a drop box for other people to drop files to you securely. From this sense, DriveHQ’s Drop Box folder restores the original meaning of the word “drop box”. DriveHQ’s Drop Box feature offers a “reverse” way of file sharing. Instead of sharing your files to other people, you help other people share files to you. You can create a drop box folder, then post the drop box URL online, and anybody can upload files to you securely without the hassle of signing-up or signing-in. This can be extremely useful if you don’t know who will upload files to you, or if you need many people to upload files to you. This is a DriveHQ unique feature. For more details, please read the information below.
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  • DriveHQ's drop box is the easiest way for anybody to send files to you securely without having to sign up or log on
  • DriveHQ’s Drop Box is extremely easy and flexible
  • DriveHQ’s Drop Box is secure
  • A DriveHQ user can create any number of drop boxes
  • A Drop Box can be more than an upload-only folder
  • A Drop Box can also be a synchronized folder
  • Notification email
  • UI customization and host a drop box in your own web page
  • Drop Box vs. Group Account service
  • Drop box usage scenarios