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Online Storage

DriveHQ takes the online storage service to a new level. You can drag and drop files / folders, directly edit a remote file and save it, or map a cloud drive. Business customers can use our Group Account service. You can allocate storage space to each sub-user, or create folders in your own account and share different folders to different sub-users with different permissions. It is very similar to multiple computers in a company managed by the IT department.


  • Drag-n-drop upload/download Drag files directly to and from DriveHQ and maintain the same folder/file structure

  • Group Sharing Simply select a folder and specify the email address or user you want to share with, and at what permission

  • Universal Access There are multiple ways to access your DriveHQ content. You can map a drive with our WebDAV tool, use FileManager to directly access content, or download our mobile apps for when you're on the go.

  • Multi-Folder Synchronization Synchronize any number of local folders with remote folders using one or two-way sync tasks