Navigating The New Site

Have You Figured out the New Website Yet?

Some of you may have heard about the new website from our newsletter. Others might have come to our site for the first time after its release. No matter how you’ve come to know DriveHQ and our website, we wanted to create a helpful guide on how to navigate the site.

Fast Login

Now you can login to your account using your Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo, AOL, or iCloud account. Just enter your email address and password, and you will automatically give you access. If you forget your password, but need to get into your account, this can be a quick way of getting access. Or if you simply don’t want yet another password to remember, this can help you to keep track of your online passwords.

DriveHQ Start Menu

The DriveHQ Start Menu is where everything happens. You can access your storage, backups, tools and software, tutorials and guides, and everything else you will need for your business to be successful.

DriveHQ Account Menu

The DriveHQ Account Menu is where information regarding the status of your account can be found. Information about your subscription level, the storage space, download bytes, and user licenses you have used and how many are available, and more.

Easier Access to Help

Thanks to the new dropdown menus, accessing tutorial videos and support manuals has never been easier. Not to mention, access to everything on the site is available from every page now, using the Dropdown menus.