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Sun, Feb 2, 2014
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Sat, Feb 2, 2013

#Oscars2013 #Eighty5th #Fifty4th #TheAcademyAwards #Year2013 #February24 The Academy Awards Nominees!


#SaturdayNightMovies #TheLastOfTheMohicans #Movies1992 #Year2013 #February2 #DanielDayLewis #MadeleineStowe #WesStudi The full movie is at

The full 92 version and its entirety! Still one of my most fav movies of all time and always will be.I…

#FlyingCamera #Drones #Sendong #February #Year2012 #STARS #BatsosLights #Trending #Repost #Year2013…/chrisgo…/5903661944/in/photostream/… The recent(several days ago) Quezon City Memorial Circle billed as "SENDONG All My Love For YOU!" featuring BAYANG Barrios(NORA Aunor), KARYLLE, COOKIE of Color It RED, and many others, featured 2 of these remote controlled camera with large BATSOS lights to capture videos and photos at night time. It can be stationary on air, it can go forwards, backwards, move in circles and fly stationarily slanted.

Tue, Feb 2, 2010
Notes on Haiti (27-January-2010 Wednesday)byGeorge C. PalaganasThere was a time I remember Haiti is a part of the border…

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Found Items Claimed 02-Feb-2010 Claimant:DanicaUzon182CamarineSt Caloocan City #0915-909-6335 Relation to SantiagoSANIOR-girlfriend frm.Roel

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