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Wed, Oct 2, 2013

‪#‎FURLOUGH‬ ‪#‎USGovernmentSHUTDOWN‬ ‪#‎Year2013‬ ‪#‎September30‬ ‪#‎Monday‬ ‪#‎PresidentBarrackObama‬ ‪#‎OBAMAcare‬ ‪#‎MEDIcare‬ The government CLOSED Monday beyond federal legal holiday signs. The first SHUTDOWN in the "beyond 1 Trillion $ Budget" of the OBAMA Administration, the highest budget ever for a double term Administration.


‪#‎Facebook‬ ‪#‎Hashtags‬ ‪#‎Maximum10‬ ‪#‎Maximum21‬ ‪#‎LaunchROCK‬ Facebook programs confuses me with the MAX, there was a time there is no limit but today you are limited to 10 or 21. I had posted this on LAUNCHROCK, so you may discuss and suggest INCLUDEs in the Hashtag FUNCTION!…/4519809-extended-hashtag-fun…-

Hashtags current function collects all postings with the same hashtag on one GROUP(all those that are connected on your Internet FORAY). TWITTER, FACEBOOK, LINKEDiN,etc. You click the hashtag, those whose postings are with the same hashtag that you click will be displayed. Now, let's extend the func...

10/2/2015 3:10:32 AM

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